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Liquid Liver Cleanse vs. Pill Liver Cleanse 

Absorption: Liquid Vs. Pills

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The Benefits of Liquids:

  •     Liquid absorption rate is up to 98%
  •     Liquids are absorbed up to 5 times faster than pills
  •     Liquids are prepared utilizing fresh elements
  •     Fewer doses required to receive the same amount absorbed into the body
  •     Liquids are far simpler to swallow, particularly for seniors
  •     Liquid ingredients are not compressed, which would require additional digestion by the human body before being assimilated in the body
  •     Liquids are quickly absorbed by the body, resulting in faster (desired) effects
  •     Unlike pills, liquids are not powdered – this means that liquids do not require any sort of buffers, binders or fillers, which would (again) cause an additional delay in digestion – in other words, taking more time to enter the bloodstream
  •     Liquids do not “clog” sewers, cesspools, or septic systems – up to 98% of liquids are absorbed, while only 10% of pills are absorbed, leaving roughly 90% of pills ending up in our waste system



  •     Pills are hard to swallow.  25% of the population cannot take pills
  •    The absorption rate of pills averages less than 10%
  •    The digestion rate for pills takes (literally) hours, with a minimal effect
  •    Pill ingredients can end up being powdered as long as one year after being collected or harvested
  •    Powdered pill ingredients are compressed into pills using buffers, binders and fillers; these binders and fillers require additional digestion by the body to either break down the capsules or the ingredients
  •    Buffers, binders and fillers affect the bioavailability, which can reduce the absorption rate and effectiveness of the ingredient(s)

Complete Natural Products has a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

At Complete Natural Products, we truly believe that our liquid products can offer faster, more effective results.  That is why we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

With an absorption rate that is nearly 9 times better than pills and a 5 times quicker rate to be used by the body, isn't Liver Complete, a liquid formula the way you want to go?   We know the numbers prove it not only from the standpoint of how the body can better use Liver Complete, but we know the results are without a doubt going to be better for you.

function of the liver cleanse

**While the results and success to eliminate symptoms and issues of the liver have been typical for those who have placed testimonials on our website, the results for all individuals may not be typical.  Some may experience results in longer time frames while some have not had the intended results as noted.

There are many factors that play in to one's health.  Among those factors that play a role are genetics, excercise, diet, injuries, and other related issues that may be beyond the function and scope of our products.  For this reason, it is always best to consult with a doctor concerning your particular health issues to determine your particular and individual needs and your ability to use with success the products and solutions we provide.


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